I’m a product designer who creates


The world is a place of wonder in my eyes. I like to look, to observe it and recognize metaphors, systems, aesthetic harmony or dissonance. This is how I nurture my curiosity and intuition.

I am a social person and love to work in team, at the same time I am happy to roam my mental landscape of thoughts, emotions, and ideas. I am naturally drawn to express my inner world through the visual arts and music (I am also an excellent shower singer).

Sensitivity and empathy are features that allow me to understand the challenges and quickly become proactive, while working as a UX / UI designer. My competences are focused on building experiences that transition seamlessly on every digital media through a user-centered approach. I am convinced that the role of design is to improve people’s life through a real empowerment of the users.

I gained experience in UX and UI design, service design, branding and art direction. I am currently working as a product designer at USEEDS°. Past clients include an IoT powerhouse, several prominent players in the mobility industry, a social media platform, banks, fashion brands. I am currently based in Berlin. 

Feel free to reach out and say hi!                                           

Marina Caramagno   |   marina.caramagno@gmail.com   +49 15229235576